The Advantages of Speaking Spanish in Los Angeles, California
The Advantages of Speaking Spanish in Los Angeles, California

The Spanish language is an economic asset for the Hispanic culture. The International Association of Administrative Professionals reports that the Spanish language is the second language of business in the world, according to the article “The Most Useful Second Languages for Business Use,” published in OfficePro magazine in 2015. Therefore, Spanish bilingual candidates have an important differential benefit in today’s labor market.

Spanish as a second language will give speakers a true advantage. The United States is the second largest Spanish-speaking country where it is not the primary language. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that California has the largest Hispanic population in the country and Los Angeles County statistics show almost 40% of residents are Spanish speakers. Speaking Spanish is a vital tool to connect with the Hispanic community that is clearly growing in the U.S.

Bilingual education recently returned to California. Starting in November 2016, Proposition 58 enables public schools to develop their own bilingual program. Neuroscientific research shows children acquire a second language easily due to their mental structure. In addition, the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy states that children who use Spanish as a second language regularly completed high school, and many also attended college.

All of us are called to preserve the Spanish language as an integral part of the Hispanic heritage and culture in Los Angeles. Hispanic mass media, organizations with Latino social responsibility programs, and bilingual schools with Spanish classes should maximize efforts to communicate to new generations the benefits of speaking Spanish in Los Angeles, California. Let’s speak Spanish!


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