Teaching from Home in the Time of COVID-19
Teaching from Home in the Time of COVID-19

“Teaching a student from home during the COVID-19 pandemic often means you are also teaching an adult, sometimes two…” Carlos Valera, founder and academic director at Time For Spanish

Teaching from Home in the Time of COVID-19 is a free virtual training course for teachers provided by language immersion company, Time For Spanish, located in Los Angeles, California. The initiative is designed to train and assist teachers who are adapting their methodologies to teach from home. The goal is to ensure children and adolescents complete their 2020 schooling and stay on academic track.

Time For Spanish teacher training creates a virtual “Teacher’s Lounge” that facilitates the adaptation of strategies for distance education. Educators, tutors and educational specialists will use this virtual space to discuss best practices for teaching and connecting using a distance-learning model in two different contexts: communities with connectivity (access to media and Internet) and also in communities without connectivity (rural areas).

Teachers from four (04) targeted regions of Peru – Lima, San Martín, Cajamarca and Junín – will participate in the training. The training course includes three sessions that grew out of Edu-Communication and Flipped Classroom methodologies. This program was first piloted by a group of teachers from different levels and subjects within public schools in Lima, Peru.

The course has been created to compliment and add layers to the Learn at Home strategy proposed by the Government of Peru. Time For Spanish’s goal is to maintain the “Teacher’s Lounge” as a permanent space to share activities and successful strategies to facilitate a transition of success to virtual home learning during this mandatory social isolation imposed to prevent the COVID-19 from further spreading in Peru.

Time For Spanish is looking to establish alliances with organizations focused on developing educational programs as part of corporate social responsibility initiatives to ensure teachers and parents have ongoing access to this virtual resource.

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