Spanish For Travel Experience


Spanish For Travel Experience

The Spanish For Travel Experience is our eight-week intensive program designed for confident travelers who want meaningful experiences on their journey in the Spanish language. Enjoy traveling like a native speaker!

  • Goal: Help travelers to better enjoy their trips to Spanish-speaking destinations, delighting in cuisine and local festivals
  • Available: 2-6 person Student Group
  • Duration: 8 weeks total, 4-days per week, 1.5-hour sessions

Our program consists of three learning levels: Spanish One-WaySpanish Round Trip and Spanish City Tour. The three levels lasts a period of eight weeks, featuring four weekly sessions. Each session lasts ninety minutes.

(*) Spanish knowledge is not requested for the Spanish One-Way.

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Program Content

Spanish One-Way


  1. Spanish-Speaking Country Destinations.
  2. The Spanish Alphabet. The Spanish Sound and Accent System.
  3. Pronouncing Spanish Words. Idiomatic Expressions 1. Personal Pronouns.
  4. Easy conversation about greetings and introductions. What Do I Do Now?


  1. The articles and nouns. Hispanic Names Have Four Parts.
  2. The natural of the Spanish Verb. General Remarks about the Conjugations of Verbs hablar, comprendo, vivo, necesito.
  3. Use of the present tense of verbs usar, preparar, aceptar, preguntar, llevar, pagar, etc.
  4. The big five Spanish verbs: ser, estar, tener, hacer, and ir. What’s the weather? The Seasons.


  1. Easy conversation about preparing for travel.The Adjective. Idiomatic Expressions 2.
  2. How Much? The numbers.
  3. The week days, months, and holidays of the years. What time is it? Practicing numbers and dates.
  4. Reflexive and reciprocate verbs.

Spanish Round Trip


  1. The questions everyone should know. Getting the personal information.
  2. The family. The nationalities. The languages.
  3. Meals, beverages, meats, and seafood. Dairy and egg products. Bread, pastas, desert and more.
  4. Easy conversation about food and drink. Cooking methods and flavors.


  1. Learning Project: A comer – Pot Luck
  2. Uses of the preterite.
  3. Easy conversation around town. Giving directions. Traveling from place to place.
  4. Easy conversation at your hotel. In your hotel room. Talking with the housekeeping.


  1. The future tense.
  2. Easy Conversation about shopping and souvenirs. Buying clothes, sizes, and sales. Colores. Idiomatic Expressions 3.
  3. How to ask for help in your trip. Different parts of the body.
  4. Past tense with haber.

Spanish City Tour


  1. Review preterite tense. Conversational Spanish in 7 days – Lunes
  2. Use the comparatives and superlatives. Conversational Spanish in 7 days – Martes
  3. The present tense continuo. Conversational Spanish in 7 days – Miércoles
  4. The past tense continuo. Conversational Spanish in 7 days – Jueves


  1. Review the future tense. Conversational Spanish in 7 days – Viernes
  2. Review the vocabulary. Play role about travel experiences. Conversational Spanish in 7 days – Sábado
  3. Review the vocabulary. Play role about travel experiences. Conversational Spanish in 7 days – Domingo
  4. Learning Spanish in Context: Spanish City Tour. Heading home. Saying good bye.
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