The use of the Spanish language throughout the world is growing. Speaking Spanish is a vital social and business tool that increases one’s ability to connect with the Hispanic community.

There can be communication challenges living in the United States due to its diversity. The United States is the second largest Spanish-speaking country where it is not the primary language. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that California has the largest Hispanic population in the country and Los Angeles County statistics show nearly 40% of its residents are Spanish speakers.

Learning the Spanish language creates a true advantage, especially to students and professionals. For example, general education transfers for most degree programs to the University of California (UC), California State University (USC), and other private universities require a proficiency in a second language other than English. In addition, the growing number of scientific publications, journals, and school studies produced in Spanish can assist in achieving a degree.


Learning the Spanish language is an important tool in creating a successful career path that is global. According to HR Magazine, Spanish is the second language of business in the world. A report by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA and the Educational Testing Service shows that Spanish bilingual candidates have a true advantage in the labor market.

Knowing multiple languages also keeps the brain young and healthy. The BioMed Research International, in its article “Neurolinguistics: Structure, Function, and Connectivity in the Bilingual Brain,” concluded that learning a second language ensures good brain performance. Some research even suggests that bilingualism delays clinical manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease. Learning Spanish is truly good for your health!

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